On-The-Go Tips

Light, portable Q-tips® cotton swabs are ideal for beauty on-the-go. Whether taking a flight or just heading to work, they are a great touch-up tool to have on hand.


Come In for a Gorgeous Landing

“Roll” Q-tips ® cotton swabs in your favorite eye shadow and store in a plastic wrap – re-apply after flight.


Simplify Your Beauty Essentials

Stick to five beauty essentials: tinted moisturizer, a multi-purpose makeup stick for eyes, cheeks and lips, concealer, one tube of mascara and Q-tips ® cotton swabs!


Carry-on Eye Cream for Long Flights

Instead of carrying eye cream on the plane - dip Q-tips ® in eye cream and store in plastic wrap. Dab on eye area after takeoff and put on eye mask. Go to sleep and wake up with gorgeous, moist skin.


A Relaxing Way to Travel

If you’re traveling, dip Q-tips ® cotton swabs in lavender oil and lightly dab under nostrils for a relaxing trip.