Lip Tips

Perfect that celebrity pout with these clever tips using Q-tips® cotton swabs or new Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs.


Keep Your Perfect Pout in Place

Keep lip color from bleeding by using Q-tips® cotton swabs to apply loose translucent powder along the outer edge of the lips.


Dot Dot Dash for Softer Lip liner

To soften your lip liner look, make a dot dot dash pattern with lip liner and use a Q-tips® cotton swab or Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swab to blend and soften.


Create a Glossy Pout

Use Q-tips® cotton swabs to apply lip-gloss from a pot.


Maximize The Life of Your Lipstick

Use Q-tips® cotton swabs to get every last bit of color from a lipstick.

Fabulous Nude Lip Gloss

For an easy, cheap, and fabulous nude lip gloss, apply foundation to your lips and then use a Q-tips® cotton swab to put Vaseline® petroleum jelly on top for the shine!