Baby Care Tips

Q-tips® cotton swabs are gentle on skin because they are specially made with more soft cotton at the tip* than any other swab! Keep these tips in mind when cleaning and caring for your baby or toddler.


A Gentler Clean for Baby

Moisten Q-tips ® cotton swabs with warm water to clean your baby's outer ear, folds of the neck or between toes, nostrils and eyes.


Taking Care of a Newborn’s Needs

Dip a Q-tips ® cotton swab in rubbing alcohol to clean around your newborn's umbilical cord.


Medicine Application for Active Tots

Q-tips ® cotton swabs are great for applying medications and ointments to minor cuts and bruises – they are convenient, clean and disposable.


Keeping Baby's Chair Clean

Food particles can get stuck in the grooves and ridges of your baby’s highchair. Q-tips ® cotton swabs are just the right size to clean these hard to reach places.


Tidy-Up Those Fingers and Toes

Q-tips ® cotton swabs are soft and gentle, making them perfect for cleaning your baby’s small fingernails and toe nails.


Caring for Newly Pierced Ears

Apply antibiotic cream or ointment to newly pierced ears using a disposable and sanitary Q-tips ® cotton swab.


Cleaning Bottles and Sippy Cups

Q-tips ® cotton swabs are great for removing residue and buildup from baby bottles and sippy cups. Dab one end in water and swipe along the insides of bottles.


Clean the Grooves of Tiny Shoes

Q-tips ® cotton swabs are the perfect size for removing dirt from your baby’s tiny shoes. Press firmly in the grips of the shoe to remove excess dirt and particles picked up from walking around the house and outside.