Gold Polka-Dot Vase

The ''Q'' Stands for Quality!
Gold Polka-Dot Vase
Accent a vase with gold polka-dot accents using Q-tips® cotton swabs to reinvent a holder for flowers, paintbrushes and more! Great as just general home decor, or to customize according to bridal and baby shower themes or birthday parties.


  • Round glass vase
  • Liquid gold paint
  • Graph paper
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • A marker
  • Sticky tack
  • And Q-tips® cotton swabs
Gold Polka-Dot Vase1 Gold Polka-Dot Vase2
Gold Polka-Dot Vase3 Gold Polka-Dot Vase4


  1. Tape graph paper inside the vase to create a guide for where polka dots can be (if you’d like to make them evenly distributed).
  2. Mark where the graph paper lines up, then remove it and draw lines across every fourth row and column. The polka dots will go at the intersections of these lines. Tape the paper together in a cylinder, then inside the vase.
  3. Steady the vase on a table with sticky tack. Use Q-tips® cotton swabs to start adding polka dots to the vase. Wait until the dots have dried on one side before turning the vase so the paint doesn’t drip.
  4. Keep adding lines of dots and giving them a little bit of time to dry. When you’ve covered your whole vase in dots, leave it flat for at least 10 minutes to dry.
  5. Then take out the graph paper and enjoy your fabulous DIY vase!