Create a Crafty Lamb

The ''Q'' Stands for Quality!
Create a Crafty Lamb
Craft a lamb out of Q-tips® Beauty Rounds and Q-tips® cotton swabs for the most adorable place holder perfect for a baby or bridal shower. Also a great craft to place in a nursery on a bedside table.


  • White cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A marker
  • A piece of ribbon
  • Clothespins
  • And 15-30 Q-tips® cotton swabs
Create a Crafty Lamb1 Create a Crafty Lamb2
Create a Crafty Lamb3 Create a Crafty Lamb4


  1. Gather white cardboard, scissors, glue, a marker, a piece of ribbon, clothespins, and Q-tips® cotton swabs.
  2. Draw a large oval (lamb’s body) and a small oval (lamb’s head) on the white cardboard and cut out.
  3. Cut the cotton ends off of each Q-tips® cotton swab, including a small portion of the paper stick and glue onto the large oval (body) and a select few on the top of the lambs’ head leaving room to draw on its face.
  4. Cut two Q-tips® Beauty Rounds into ears, then glue on the Q-tips® cotton swabs for legs and a tail.
  5. Use a pen to draw closed eyes (and accent eyelashes) on the face then draw a mouth then nose with red marker.
  6. Make the lamb stand using two clothespins glued to the back of the body, and accent with a ribbon at the crown of the lambs head if you choose!