DIY Emoji Ornament

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DIY Emoji Ornament
Looking for a fun, trendy way to express yourself this Christmas? Illustrate your holiday cheer by decorating your own Emoji Ornament using Q-tips® Precision Tips! This bright addition is sure to make your Christmas tree even more “snap-worthy” than it already is!


  • Q-tips® Precision Tips
  • Yellow Ornament
  • Permanent Marker
  • Paint
DIY Emoji Ornament1 DIY Emoji Ornament2
DIY Emoji Ornament3 DIY Emoji Ornament4


  1. Print and cut out your favorite emoji face for the ornament.
  2. Trace the eyes and mouth onto your ornament using a permanent marker.
  3. Dip Q-tips® Precision Tips in paint and fill in the outlines that you traced.
  4. Allow to dry, hang up on your tree, and snap a picture to share on your social media channels!