Create Specialized Invitations

The ''Q'' Stands for Quality!
Create Specialized Invitations
No matter the occasion, these hand-made invitations will be sure to translate into RSVPs! Q-tips® cotton swabs are the perfect tool to help you kick off your party in a creative new way.


  • 2 Q-tips® cotton swabs
  • Intricate Knife
  • Construction Paper
  • Construction Cards
  • Glue
  • Glitter
Create Specialized Invitations1 Create Specialized Invitations2
Create Specialized Invitations3 Create Specialized Invitations4


  1. Cut your favorite word out of construction paper using the intricate knife.
  2. Place this paper as a stencil on top of thick construction cards.
  3. Dot glue inside the stencil and use a Q-tips® cotton swab to spread glue evenly.
  4. Sprinkle glitter and carefully remove stencil, shaking off any excess glitter.
  5. Use a Q-tips® cotton swab to clean up the edges, and allow it to dry so it’s ready for delivery!