Create Custom Wrapping Paper

The ''Q'' Stands for Quality!
Create Custom Wrapping Paper
Rather than running out for wrapping paper, detail your own on brown craft paper using Q-tips® cotton swabs or Q-tips® Precision Tips as paintbrushes for a personal touch. In the winter season create “snowflakes” out of Q-tips® to place on top for a fun touch.


  • Brown craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint in desired colors
  • 10-20 Q-tips® cotton swabs and/or Q-tips® Precision Tips
Create Custom Wrapping Paper1 Create Custom Wrapping Paper2
Create Custom Wrapping Paper3 Create Custom Wrapping Paper4


  1. Lay brown craft paper flat on a smooth surface. Cut to fit the gifts you would like to wrap.
  2. Lightly dip a Q-tips® Precision Tip into acrylic paint and begin painting dots, stripes, and/or accents on craft paper in desired patterns.
  3. While the paper dries, create Q-tips® snowflakes by gluing 5-7 Q-tips® cotton swabs or Q-tips® Precision Tips together in a star-like pattern at their midpoints (optional).
  4. Once dry, wrap gifts as you wish and glue snowflakes to the top of boxes as desired!