Customize Your Gym & House Keys

The ''Q'' Stands for Quality!
Customize Your Gym & House Keys
Use Q-tips® cotton swabs or Precision Tips to paint polka dots, stripes, or accent flowers onto your gym or house keys so that each key is distinctive and easy for you to quickly identify.


  • Keys
  • Acrylic paint in 2-3 colors
  • Standard paintbrush
  • 3-5 Q-tips® Precision Tips
Customize Your Gym & House Keys1 Customize Your Gym & House Keys2
Customize Your Gym & House Keys3 Customize Your Gym & House Keys4


  1. Paint key completely in desired color of acrylic paint. Let dry.
  2. Lightly dip a Q-tips® Precision Tip into another color of paint (for the dots, stripes, or accents).
  3. Carefully paint desired design on key with colors of choice and let dry.
  4. Repeat with other keys to differentiate between them and be sure they’re fully dry before locking and unlocking doors!

IMPORTANT TIP: Do not paint on any keys that include any electronic coding such as transponder keys to avoid disrupting any technology.